a woman holding ReServe Living Coral pink reusable duo-hardness silicone straw in a glass of orange juice

Product(s) Design & Development

After a year of market research, talking to customers, product design and prototype developments; we came up with the first ReServe patent-pending product! The duo-hardness reusable silicone straw! ‘Smooth Sip, Strong Stir’ means that it is softer at the top and stiffer at the bottom so you can use it to stir ice. We want this to fix the user’s pain point caused by other sloppy silicone straws that aren’t suitable for stirring. 

Product development stage of ReServe - a group of passionate users giving opinion about reusable straw


We would like to thank our friends, family, supporters and early-customers, whose valuable feedback allowed us to finalize so many ideas, innovations, colors, collection names, as well as the packaging designs. 

In addition to the original silicone straws, our supporters also took part in the reusable bubble tea straw design and development. This led to a two-way drinking-style straw! You can choose to drink from the soft silicone top, or remove the silicone and drink from the sturdy plastic part instead. The clear plastic can safely puncture through the lid, while allowing you to check if you’ve got those delicious boba pearls! The soft top silicone lets you drink the bubble tea safely and smoothly. You can be sure that ReServe straws are more durable than paper straws and safer than stainless-steel straws. 

ReServe team is holding a customer research and interview to understand their behavior and pain points when using reusable silicone straw


Learning from our users, we realized it is better to carry the straw inside an entire cup, when we go out and about our daily lives. That way we don’t forget the straw inside a restaurant’s glass, etc. We were thrilled to collaborate with KeepCup and customize the cups as ReServe branded! The cups are clear, double-layered, and the colors match perfectly with the straws!

We believe that ReServe straws and cups are the perfect solutions for millennials looking for stylish lifestyle items, parents looking for safe & eco-friendly child products, and anyone looking for sustainable gift sets and presents for your loved ones! Let’s be the change we all wish to see in this world :)


a photo group of potential customers providing their opinions about reusable straw during ReServe product and development stage





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