A set of ReServe ruby red silicone reusable straw and cup

Right from the Factory

ReServe was born right here in our family business’ rubber manufacturing facility in Thailand.

Employee from S.K. Polymer Thailand is working on ReServe Straw

Yes, you read that correctly. We make the products ourselves.

Our family business, S.K. Polymer Co., Ltd., is a leading OEM manufacturer of rubber parts for medical devices, with over 29 years of experience. 

We realized that we can leverage our core competencies and tackle the single-use plastic trash problem from the upstream, which is manufacturing & consumption. If we offer high-quality and high-functionality reusable products, consumers will generate less waste in the first place!

The lady in the right photograph is Pear, my elder sister and fellow ReServe co-founder. She has an engineering and finance background, while I have design, sales, and marketing. Pear and I have grown up in the factory; it’s been a second home that has shaped us into who we are today. We have lived and breathed manufacturing and design.

We put passion and care into crafting innovative, stylish, and sustainable rubber products that are a joy to use every day. It has been more than fun and fulfilling for us to handle everything from material sourcing, production, quality control, sales & marketing, distribution, and customer service! We can guarantee that ReServe products are made in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way because we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

Read on and we’ll take you through our journey of product design & development, interviews, and workshop sessions, how we came up with our reusable silicone straw, as well as the patent-pending features of two different silicone hardness within the same straw (Smooth Sip, Strong Stir).


Employee from S.K. Polymer is working on ReServe Straw


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