What does "Smooth sip, Strong stir" mean?

You can actually use our straws to stir your drinks! Our innovative reusable silicone straw is duo-hardness which is softer at the top and stiffer at the bottom so that you can use it to stir iced drinks, smoothies, or anything else! No more sloppy silicone straws; our patent-pending design solves this problem for you!

Are ReServ silicone drinking and bubble tea straws safe? What are they made of?

Absolutely yes! ReServe straw is made from the best BPA-Free Food-Grade Silicone. We ensure that the material is clean, safe, and processed in our world-class medical-device manufacturing facility. This is the perfect straw for your children, family, friends, neighbors, customers and business partners!

Can I use the straw with hot/cold drinks? tea/coffee?

Yes! Our straw easily endures temperatures from -40°F up to 356°F (that’s -40°C to 180°C). The straw can be used with any tea, coffee, juice, etc.

How long does it last? Is it biodegradable?

It lasts for at least 5 years! That replaces nearly 2,000 single-use plastic straws, potentially from you alone! Silicone is actually not biodegradable, but once properly disposed, it is 100% recyclable.

Is it dishwasher-safe?

YES. And sterilizer-safe too!

How do I clean / wash it?

We recommend using liquid dish soap to clean the straw’s inside with the provided cleaning brush thoroughly from both ends of the straw by gently pushing the brush into the straw. Clean the outside by gently rinsing with the dish soap.

What is our Returns, Refunds, and Shipping policy?

Please refer to our Returns & Refunds Policy page andShipping Policy page for your information

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