Our Mission

"Our mission is to replace single-use plastics with innovative, stylish, and sustainable products because we believe that sustainability doesn't have to be boring. ReServe makes it beautiful."

Why say NO to single-use plastics?

A full 32% of the 78 million tons of plastics produced annually is not recycled, ending up in the landfill and flowing into our oceans; the equivalent of pouring one garbage truck of plastic trash into the ocean every minute!

This is harmful to the environment and marine lives. Even worse, the trash breaks down into microplastics which go into the fish that we catch and eat.


Why reusable products?

The best way to reduce trash is to stop creating trash in the first place. Each and everyone of us can achieve that by reusing items in our daily lives. Simple decisions lead to powerful changes.

Let’s start with ourselves!




Why ReServe?

High-quality products manufactured in world-class medical device facilities

Since day one, ReServe has received full support from our family business back in Thailand, S.K. Polymer Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of rubber parts for medical devices. This means our products are manufactured in world-class facilities, using only the best materials.

S K Polymer Factory in Thailand

A unique, Patent-Pending feature of two different silicone hardness, for ‘Smooth Sip, Strong Stir’ straws

No more flimsy & sloppy silicone straw. With our patent-pending feature, you can sip smoothly from the top of the straw, while stirring with the stiffer bottom of the ReServe silicone straw!

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Duo-Hardness ReServe Straw, top for sipping and bottom for stirring ice